Celeste Kidd

About the author:

The Kidd Lab studies learning and belief formation. We are especially interested in systems like attention and curiosity. We are also interested in metacognitive aspects of learning, such as how people become certain and how you might be able to prevent people from becoming certain when the evidence suggests that they should.

What I want to achieve:

We aim to understand how people sample and learn from their informationally rich environments, and how we might be able to intervene to enable people better access to truth in the world.

Awards & accomplishments:

Hellman Fellowship (2020-2021).
UC Berkeley Division of Social Sciences Distinguished Teaching Award (2020).
Women in Cognitive Science (WiCS) Leadership Award (2019).
Invited Keynote at NeurIPS (2019).
APS Rising Star Designation, Association for Psychological Science (2019).
TIME Person of the Year 2017 (“The Silence Breakers”), TIME Magazine (2017).
Jacobs Foundation Early Career Research Fellowship (2017-2019).
Google Faculty Research Award in Human-Computer Interaction (2015).
Glushko Dissertation Prize in Cognitive Science, Cognitive Science Society (2014).
Research Fellowship, Center for the Study of Language and Information, Stanford University (2014).

Top 100 Science Story of 2012 (#86 – “Why Kids Make Rash Decisions”), Discover Magazine (2012).

Computational Modeling Prize (Perception/Action), Cognitive Science Society (2010).
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, National Science Foundation (2008 – 2011).
Presidents’ Fellowship, Linguistics Society of America SIL, Stanford University (2007).
Provost’s Research Fellowship, University of Southern California (2005 – 2007).

Research Articles