About the author:

I employ a lifespan, interdisciplinary approach to studying evolved morality, child development and flourishing. I blog for Psychology Today Moral Landscapes and host the webpage EvolvedNest.

What I want to achieve:

Humanity is facing several existential crises (widespread toxification of air, water, soil, food; the 6th massive extinction of species; degradation of the atmosphere; and global burning) which have roots mostly in recent centuries. My work is about awakening adults to what has been forgotten about raising children so they feel connected and responsible for the wellbeing of others, including the natural world.

My previous positions:

Professor of Psychology, University of Notre Dame (Indiana, USA).

Associate Professor, University of Minnesota.

Awards & accomplishments:

2017 Expanded Reason Award.

2015 William James Book Award.

Both awards were for my book Neurobiology and the Development of Human Morality: Evolution, Culture and Wisdom.

Other information:

If humanity is going to solve its crises, children need to be raised in ways they can reach their full potential. The Evolved Nest fosters optimal development.

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