About the author:

My research portfolio straddles a variety of areas concerning child poverty from income security and stability to early care and education, and, how child poverty shapes children’s development, with a lens toward causal mechanisms. My work with Dr. Eldar Shafir “The Persistence of Poverty in the Context of Economic Instability: A Behavioral Perspective,” describes a behavioral framework for poverty programs and policy. In 2015 I launched the beELL initiative; applying insights from behavioral economics to design strategies to support parent and family engagement in, and enhance the impacts of, existing childhood interventions. I am a co-PI on a large multi-site multi-year randomized control study of a monthly unconditional cash transfer to low income mothers of infants and co-PI directing work on poverty and economic self-sufficiency at the National Center for Research on Hispanic Families.

What I want to achieve:

Every policy discussion should start with children’s well-being.

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