Regina S. Baker

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Research Associate in the Population Studies Center, and Faculty Affiliate in the Center of Africana Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, USA

About the author:

My research is fundamentally concerned with the question: how do micro- and macro- contexts shape create, maintain, and reproduce poverty and inequality across individuals, time, and place? My current research focuses on three areas: 1) poverty and poverty risks, particularly among mothers and children; 2) the roles of political and historical institutions in understanding inequalities across place (e.g. poverty in the South); and 3) racial socioeconomic disparities.

What I want to achieve:

With the growing inequality in the U.S., the need to address poverty and inequality is becoming even more pressing. I want to help shed light on important issues that are relevant to policy by contributing to the knowledge base surrounding inequality, and by helping to inform policy, and improve programs and services for disadvantaged populations.