About the author:

I have published widely on topics including the influences of environmental risk factors on children’s brain and behavioral development, as well as children’s emotions, stress regulation, early learning and health.

What I want to achieve:

My students and I working at the intersection of social/affective neuroscience, learning, early adversity/stress, and child development. We have a strong commitment to harnessing cutting-edge developmental science to promote all children’s well-being, and especially those who are most disadvantaged and vulnerable.

My previous positions:

Associate Chair for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity, Department of Psychology, 2020-present.

Board of Directors, Association for Psychological Science, 2020-present.

Board of Directors, Madison Children’s Museum, 2016-present.

Founding Director, Morse Society Fellowship Program, 2014-present.

Governing Council, Society for Research in Child Development, 2013-2019.

Awards & accomplishments:

American Academy of Arts & Sciences (2020).

Distinguished Scientific Award for Early Career Contribution to Psychology,
American Psychological Association (2006).

Boyd McCandless Award for Distinguished Early Career Contribution to Developmental Psychology (2003).