About the author:

My research examines the impact of new family forms on parenting and child development, specifically lesbian mother families, gay father families, transgender parent families, single mothers by choice, and families created by assisted reproductive technologies including in vitro fertilisation (IVF), donor insemination, egg donation and surrogacy. My work demonstrates that who is in the family – the number, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation and biological relatedness of parents – is less important for children’s psychological wellbeing than the quality of family relationships.

What I want to achieve:

I would like the research to change people’s minds about new family forms so that their attitudes are based on evidence rather than prejudice and assumption.

Awards & accomplishments:

Fellow of British Academy.

Other information:

“We Are Family: what really matters for parents and children” will be published in October 2020 by Scribe in the UK and Public Affairs in the US.