Tommie Forslund

Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Department of Psychology, Stockholm University, Sweden and at SUF Resource Center, Nära vård och hälsa, Uppsala, Sweden

About the author:

My research has two different tracks. My first research track is about the use of attachment theory, research and assessments in social work, especially in child protection and child custody. My second research track concerns parenting among parents with cognitive difficulties (e.g., caregiver sensitivity), their children’s development (e.g., attachment quality), and influential factors (e.g., trauma). This work has focused on parents with mild intellectual disability, but now also includes parents with ADHD and parents with Autism.

What I want to achieve:

I want to contribute to attachment-related knowledge and methods that, in turn, contribute to: (1) maintenance of child-caregiver attachment relationships; and (2) organized and secure child-caregiver attachment relationships. In parallel, I want to contribute to knowledge dissemination, to increase attachment-related knowledge among practitioners putting the theory to use.

Awards & accomplishments:

I was Awarded the Excellence in Attachment Research (EAR) dissertation award (2019).