Kathryn Modecki

Menzies Health Institute Queensland and School of Applied Psychology at Griffith University, Queensland, Australia

About the author:

Programmatically, I seek to disentangle characteristics and settings that protect adolescents against (or propel them towards) antisocial trajectories. My work is inherently translational, with an eye towards progressing the evidence-base for interventions, prevention, and public policy.

What I want to achieve:

My early experiences studying community psychology as an undergraduate at the University of Virginia (with Dick Reppucci and Mel Wilson) very much crystalized a dedication to deploying science in the service of improving adolescents’ lives. Unfortunately, a great deal of policy (and many programs for that matter) tends to be based on assumptions and anecdotal experience. Some of these intuitions may well be correct, but I think we can do better and all of my work aims to address these discrepancies.

My previous positions:

  • Faculty Associate, Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University (2019-2020).