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We report on important and high-quality research on how family influences child development, both social/emotional and cognitive. We draw from this research the implications for policy and practice relating to children and families.

We want to share the new knowledge with all those who can influence the quality of care for children, in particular, people who make policy and people who design and manage family and child services.

This project is owned by the not-for-profit Child and Family Blog Corporation in Maryland, USA.

It is financed and directed by an Academic Council.

Academic Council (Funders)

Tanya Broesch Simon Fraser University, Canada
Jeanne Brooks-Gunn Colombia University, USA
Natasha Cabrera University of Maryland, USA
Jeremy Carpendale Simon Fraser University, Canada
Xinyin Chen University of Pennsylvania, USA
Jason Downer & Robert Pianta University of Virginia, USA
Susan Engel Williams College, USA
Duncan Fisher Blog Manager, working from Wales
Hiram Ftizgerald Michigan State University, USA
Mary Gauvain University of California Riverside, USA
Lisa Gennetian Duke University, USA
Elizabeth Gershoff University of Texas at Austin, USA
Lee Gettler University of Notre Dame, USA
Paul Golding Santa Fe Boys Educational Foundation
Roberta Michnick Golinkoff University of Delaware
Philip Hwang University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Michael E. Lamb University of Cambridge, UK/USA
Barry Lester Brown University, USA
Angeline Lillard University of Virginia, USA
Allyssa McCabe UMass Lowell, USA
Amanda Morris Oklahoma State University, USA
Candice Odgers Duke University, USA
Rob Palkovitz University of Delaware, USA
Andreas Roepstorff Interacting Minds Centre, Aarhus University, Denmark
Jaipaul Roopnarine Syracuse University, USA
Ross Thompson University of California, USA
Chiel van der Veen Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands
Marinus van IJZendoorn Erasmus University, Netherlands @ UCL London, UK
Liza Ware Viterbo University, USA
Family Initiative Charity that formerly managed Child & Family Blog, UK

Executive Team

Anne Bridgman (USA) Editor
Duncan Fisher (Wales) Manager
Miriam Fisher (Wales) Administration & Website
Jack O’Sullivan (England) Writer
Pinnacle Internet Marketing (Wales) Marketing & Hosting

Directors, Child and Family Blog Corp (USA)

Duncan Fisher Child and Family Blog Manager
Hiram Fitzgerald Michigan State University, USA
Roberta Michnick Golinkoff University of Delaware
Michael E. Lamb University of Cambridge, UK/USA
Liza Ware Viterbo University, USA